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Mold part
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Product Specifications: 
•Mold part make from ABS.
•The mold must have 2 cavities in mirror finish.
•The mold must be mounted on a Nissei NEX1000 (80 Tones) Machine.
Unscrew system made using an hydraulic engine Danfoss brand, model DH160-151-2085.
•We provided One-Stop-Shop Service as follows:
•Mold Making (Plastic injection , Die Casting & Blow Mold)
•Multi-material mold ,Beryllium mold , Electroform mold , insert mold ,
•3D Products Design / Development (CAD / CAM)
•2D or 3D Mold Design
•3D scanning for making Prototype and mold
•Heat treatment , Carbide treatment , Nitrogen treatment for mold
•Moulding plastic parts and production assemble
•Quality Control / Inspection
•OEM / ODM orders are welcome 
Brand Name:  Fine Tech
Colour:  Grey 
Product Size: Dimension is Dia 117mm x 65mm 
FOB Port:  Hong Kong 
Delivery Lead Time:  30 day(s) 

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